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This is the result of sheer focus, determination, confidence and drive mixed with  consciousness, hard work, perseverance and a few good people   “ Rastaman in control “. Sun-i Tafari, New school roots reggae sensation, equipped with lyrics and a unique soulful style of his own is one of the most exciting roots reggae singers in the uk today. He was born October 13, 1980 and was named kent Mathew Cambridge, later to become kent Mathew walker after deciding to take his father’s surname. Kent grew up in Cardiff, the capital city of wales one of the four countries that make up the (UK) united kingdom, where he had always had a love for music starting out as a selector/mc around the age of 12. In his late teens he and his older brother (kris Cambridge) had become part of the ascension sound system, founded by his brethren/friend (Wayne Johnson) aka Digital in the early nineties.
The ascension sound was a five man strong traditional yard style sound system with a positive (tell it how it is) attitude and they would perform as a crew throughout west and south wales and were well known for their blues parties. This is when Kent aka (super) at the time, really found his inner talent, not as a selector but as a dj/mc, chatting lyrics over the dub version and instrumentals of the sound at every opportunity. Kent would travel to Bristol and London regularly passing through recording studios, where he would write songs and learn about the reggae music business, he says his peers would always encourage him to sing so he eventually developed a singing style that none could call their own, and so his passion for reggae music was growing even stronger and there was no turning back. In 2003, all members of the ascention sound eventually went their separate ways and kent  decided to make his first visit to Jamaica, where he recorded his first single (roots and culture). His journey to Jamaica, being the birthplace of his grandfather, turned out to be a life changing experience. He was introduced to Everton Blender and later on Coco Tea, both of which had inspired him as a yute growing up in the UK through their music. The whole lifestyle in Jamaica and being surrounded by reggae music and all the great artist there, really encouraged him to do what he loved to do best, express himself through music, and he set out to make positive music for people all over the world.
He returned to Jamaica again later that year staying until early 2004, he went again in 2005 but staying much longer, and after he returned to the UK he decided to move from his home town Cardiff to London where the music culture was thriving. He set off to Jamaica again in 2006 when during a recording session at Builders music studio in Kingston, after singing one of his songs (shining light) he was given the name Sun-i by reggae artist/producer Dia Warrior and reggae artist Chris Crystal. Then in 2007, he went to Ethiopia, at the time of the millennium celebrations. While he was watering his roots in the motherland he took the Abyssinian name (Tafari) and therefore became known as Sun-i Tafari. During his stay in Ethiopia, there was a gathering at meskel square for the meskel celebrations; there he was introduced to (JahMessenjah) Luciano, who is one of the most influential roots reggae singers in the world today. Sun-i Tafari went to Jamaica in 2008 and linked up with Luciano to record the combination track (who not ready). He returned to the UK six months later and started working with producers such as Snoosi Hardy for ngimusic based in Wales and “roots man” Darren (jamtone) Mathers for Jamtone Records based in London. For ngimusic Sun-i recorded the tracks, Conqueror and Blind followed by Wicked road, he went on to record the track Fooled us before at jamtone studio and would perform live with the jamtone sound system from time to time. In 2011 Sun-i recorded (hustling) for Jon Jones’s Rootsgarden Records which was produced by Nick Mannaseh. Dj’s David Rodigan and Don Letts  picked up on the tune giving it exposure on BBC Radio 1xtra  and BBC Radio 6 and it soon became known for its smooth deliverance of serious lyrics together with its mellow soothing riddim. Don Chandler (bassist for UB40’s Ali Campbell and also the Dub Asante band) a great musician and producer from the UK, invited Sun-i to his event (reggae in da city) which was a monthly event based in Islington, London. Sun-i turned up and performed live with the R.I.D.C band every month for a couple of years spreading his positive energy and conscious vibes.
The concept of Reggae in da city was to work together in the music industry and to promote reggae singers/artists and musicians in the UK. With this concept in mind Sun-i Tafari linked up with the legendary fast talking mc from the Saxon sound system Tippa irie and went on to record the single (work together) produced by Don Chandler for his label, reggae in da city production. Around the same time Sun-i had also linked up with the talented producer Ben Aarons who is also the keyboard player for The Goldmaster All stars reggae/ska band, who back up artists such as Winston Francis, Winston Reedy and Al Capone, and so Sun-i started to record his debut album, “Real revolutionary” with Ben Aarons . After recording (Rastaman in control) for Jamtone Records in 2012 he started to become widely known for his soulful assertive roots sound, and he really made his mark in the reggae business. “Rastaman in control”,with its heavyweight one drop roots rhythm could be said to be Sun-i Tafari’s signature track and is his most well known release to date. Since then Sun-i has worked with producer Leon Limo for clearmind production, based in Cardiff/wales, where he recorded the tracks “streets that I know” and “rising for a fall”. He has worked with producer J.b.Baker for lockdown productions voicing the track “jamrockin” on the back yard riddim, and is working on a project with Jamaican producer kemar flava mcgregor for Flava mcgregor Records.
Early 2014 Sun-i Tafari linked up with Tippa irie and J.b.Baker and went to Jamaica where he featured on a collaboration track with Tippa (Jamaica love) for lockdown productions. Sun-i is also producing his own music and has worked with Tippa irie’s son (messy) who he had voiced whilst in Jamaica. He has also worked with the UK roots legend Macka B on yet another collaboration track “johncrow” A song that echoes the cries of those that suffer the effects of the impact that the hard drugs trade has on the communities. Deeply grounded in the Rastafari way of life His personality is bright yet strong as he chooses and continues to shed light on the issues and topics that so many of the so called conscious reggae singers/dj’s dare to mention. His words are assertive and uplifting and he portrays a unique and distinctive timbre to his voice. Sun-i Tafari is true to his roots and stands as an example to his words, a real reggae warrior. He states that, “it is my duty to uplift ones and ones with positive music”. What is words without works…………


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