Hot Like Fyah

Out on: Yam & Banana Records


Hot Like Fyah (Instrumental)

Yam & Banana,

Hot Like Fyah (HJTC steppers remix)

HJTC, Daddy Freddy

Hot Like Fyah (Uri Green bashment remix)

Uri Green, Daddy Freddy

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Yam & Banana Records is proud to present “Hot Like Fyah” a brand new 4 track EP. The first two songs are produced by Danny Omz and Uri Green (Yam & Banana), with the tuff and ruff vocals from the original ragga soldier Daddy Freddy. These tracks are on the crossroads between Grime and Dancehall with a hint of Garage. This is a unique statement from Yam & Banana with the intention to bring what they call Hard Food style to the urban scene.

The third track is a remix from dub producer High John The Conqueror, who brings his UK Steppers approach and blends it perfectly with Freddy’s badbwoy lyrics and delivery.
And finally, we find a bashment remix from producer Uri Green, who creates a more kinda dancehall classic cut with a latin flavored touch.

The album is also available on a limited 10” yellow vinyl edition. Get the dancefloor ready to endure that heavy dirty bass, pushing some of the craziest grooves ever pressed on vinyl and digits.


Release: YAB018 -YAB001VL

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