Yam & Banana Studio


The Yam & Banana Studio is located in Bristol’s inner city, and has become a vibrant hub for musicians and artists to go to and get their recording sessions done. Also they can send multi-track files to get mixed and mastered. The in-house engineer Uri Green, has 10 years experience in the art of recording and mixing, and has developed a unique sought-after sound that many artists from Bristol and further afield enjoy having on their records. Most users of the studio stress the good vibe that they get in there and how fast, focused but at the same time comfortable and creative is Uri’s work-flow. Customized beat-making and production services are also available on demand. To book a session or for mixing/production enquiries use the Contact Form.

Apart from ofering his engineer/producer services, Uri is also the main producer behind Yam & Banana records, colaborating with a wide range of musicians and artists from the city of Bristol and beyond.

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