Stronger Together

Out on: Yam & Banana


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Stronger Together is the title of the new EP from Da Fuchaman. And it can be taken as an statement considering the very nature of this work, as every song we can find in it has been recorded with a featured artist, bringing voices and forces together. Lutan Fyah, Sativa D Black 1, Peppery, Uri Green and Skrilla Ugq are the guest artists, who combine their own musical and lyrical ingredients to the equation, making this a very diverse and rich EP. Produced by Bristol (UK) based Uri Green (Yam & Banana Records), the release starts with a steppers roots reggae track followed by a one drop riddim. Then it moves into the fresh waters of Dubtrap, to end up with a more up tempo cuts blending Dancehall, Reggaeton and Garage in a very unique way.

Da Fuchaman, who is based in the United Kingdom, beeing well grounded into his homeland Jamaica’s reggae music, displays a great capability for adapting to any kind of newer electronic sounds, be it Jungle (he has an album with Jungle music giants Run Tingz Cru coming soon) or any other genre considered part of the UK Urban music.