Girls Dem

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Vocals and lyrics: Jah Garvey
except track 6: Jimi Can, Jah Garvey, Uri Green
track 9: Jah Garvey, Bad Stallion
track 10: Jah Garvey, Texxus
Trumpet track 1: Marcin Malarz
Backing vocals track 1: May Zoro
Backing vocals track 5: Miss Divine
Spanish guitar track 5: Miguel Calatayud
Guitar tracks 6, 8 and 12: Jimi Can
Backing vocals track 6: Zoe Penny
Keys track 6: Ana Gomez
Backing vocals track 7 and 12: Kiri Saunders
Drums track 7: Theo Grimshaw
Bass and guitar track 7: Jez King
Bata drums track 8: Israel “Tito” Barrero and Ramon “Moncho” Reginaldo
Berimbao, Percussion and backing vocals track 9: Borja Cantera
Acoustic Guitar and keyboards track 12: Stephen Russell
Drums track 12: Dan Johnson
Percussion track 12: Troy Ellis
Keys, percussion and programming on all tracks except 6,12: Uri Green
All tracks produced by Uri Green (Yam & Banana Productions)
except track 6: Jimi Can, Uri Green
Track 7: Jah Garvey, Uri Green
track 9: Borja Cantera, Uri Green
track 12: Jah Garvey
All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Uri Green at Yam & Banana Studio, Bristol UK except:
Track 3 mastered by Xavier Lek Farre, Barcelona
Track 7 mastered at Mixing Lab, Jamaica
Track 12 mastered at Sam Diggy Music, Jamaica
© ℗ Yam & Banana 2021