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Yam & Banana Studio Terms & Conditions:

By booking the Yam & Banana Studio, you accept the following Terms & Conditions:

1- Studio time will be billed from the scheduled booking time, regardless of the artist’s arrival, and will conclude at the end of the reserved time. The final 10 minutes of the session will be dedicated to bouncing files, processing payment, and wrapping up.

2- Bookings are for recording purposes, ‘attended mixing’ sessions are not on offer. A mix can be done towards the end of the recording session, but that doesn’t include free revisions or alternative mixes not done during the session (clean edits, accapellas, stems, etc). If those are requested outside the booking time, will be charged at £10 for each alternative mix.

3- The Mix & Master service includes 4 revisions and extra edits/exports (clean edits, accapelas, stems,etc) once the final mix is delivered.

4- The payment is due at the end of the recording session, cash or card. 

In the Mix & Master service, which is a set fee, the final mastered wav file will be sent after fee is paid in full.

5- Upon payment, you obtain legal ownership of all sound recordings produced during your session. The final files/mixes will be transferred to your drive or email at the conclusion of the session.

Please ensure that sufficient time is booked (5-10 minutes per song) for transferring any session files you wish to retain. 

Additionally, make sure to either take your files with you or request them within three months of your session; after this period, the files may be deleted from our drives.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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